I am conducting research on a beautiful island on Lake Victoria. This blog documents my time here. Thank you for taking the time to glance on my page. NJM


One response to “About”

  1. Mick Vernon says :

    Dear writer of this wonderful blog, whose name I can’t find anywhere,
    I find your posts fascinating and will follow future entries with interest. I came across this blog yesterday in a Facebook group called BioAnthropology News, where a link was posted by Anna Pepe Barros. As a recent UCL postgrad myself, taking the MSc in P&PA, I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to follow primate fieldwork at such close quarters, as it happens. I’m particularly interested in whether there are any knot-like precursors in nest building constructions. I don’t work on this directly, or even know of others who do, but I’m fascinated by the (invisible) onset of knotting in human evolution and wonder if there are any indicators of a cognitive capacity for it in other tool using primates. Bill McGrew had one example of a female chimp that wore a ‘necklace’ formed from a Black and White Colobus skin, which had a knot in it that made it into a loop, although there was no way of knowing if the knot was a happy accident or intentional. Good luck with your work. Sincerely, Mick Vernon.

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