The team

We recently had a visit from a professional photographer Mr RK  and he took some great pictures of my gorgeous team…

Before we set off for the forest we have to ensure we take all the correct equipment… headlamps for those early mornings, a compass in case we get lost and or the GPS battery runs out, a GPS to mark the points of those all important chimp sightings, walkie talkies, binoculars for closer observations, and a notebook.

SO has spotted something in the trees.

A chimp kindly left us a sample, we carefully collect it into a tube for DNA analysis 

The must do Reservoir Dogs walking pose


About Nadejda Josephine

I am currently studying for a doctorate in Anthropology at University College London. My fieldwork takes place on Rubondo Island, Lake Victoria in Tanzania. The research looks at the nesting patterns and nest architecture in the Rubondo chimpanzees. I began the work in April 2012 and will remain on the island until at least October 2013. I write this blog so as not to forget this wonderful island and the random events which occur throughout my fieldwork.

One response to “The team”

  1. Meena Pophale says :

    Hi Josephine,

    Aditi called me yesterday saying she had hurt her head and was feeling nauseous and had a headache as well. I have been unable to get in touch with her over the phone.

    Would appreciate it greatly if you could just let me know how she is.

    Thank you,

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