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The birds

Egyptian geese and egrets on the rocks

Water thick knee

Slender billed weaver

Pied kingfisher


chimp mornings

On Thursday afternoon I took VS to the forest. It was just the two of us and VS was rather concerned that we might get lost, I assured him that I knew that part of the forest extremely well. Whilst taking a break from staring at chimpanzee nests by having a little nap, we heard the chimps calling. We attempted to follow their calls for half an hour but then decided to head back to the land rover. We got a little lost on the way back, but I managed to find the correct path.

On the following morning we left at 05:30AM and returned to the same place as the day before. Sunrise is at 7am so it was still pretty dark when we entered the forest. At half six we heard the chimps calling and tracked them to a spot near a hill side. We saw 4 chimpanzee shadows travelling on the ground, we continued to follow them for some 5 minutes until they stopped and sat down. We remained with them for about 1hr and 15 minutes. It was wonderful to see the chimpies again. The group consisted of a very large adult male, a female and her infant and a sub-adult male. We remained at a distance of 20-m the entire time and the group was calm during the contact. At one point the adult male stood up on two legs with his hair bristling on end, and I thought he may attempt a mock charge at us, but luckily he swung around a liana and sat down . He hid his face a little from us, and the adult female was hidden for some time too. Then after half an hour the female moved closer the adult male and was in full view (see pic below).  They gradually moved off to forage at 8AM and we tracked for 10 minutes until they disappeared into a tick mass of lianas.