Sam sam

On most days I awake at 6 am when it is still dark, so I scramble around looking for my stuff trying to get dressed, rushing to have breakfast so that we can set out early in the morning.

However, on one particular morning during my first weekI woke up to the sussound of humming, at first I thought it was rain, but when I stepped outside what I saw was a huge dense cloud of insects. They were everywhere buzzing around our house and the kitchen area. The local name is Sam Sam or lake flies. Fortunately they don’t bite or carry any nasty dieseases but they entered the house and only left after 3 days. Well they didn’t so much leave as die to leave a carpet of insect fluff on the concrete floor and on the walls.


About Nadejda Josephine

I am currently studying for a doctorate in Anthropology at University College London. My fieldwork takes place on Rubondo Island, Lake Victoria in Tanzania. The research looks at the nesting patterns and nest architecture in the Rubondo chimpanzees. I began the work in April 2012 and will remain on the island until at least October 2013. I write this blog so as not to forget this wonderful island and the random events which occur throughout my fieldwork.

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